I’m getting my shit together. I promise. Here is my newest album.

Andrew and I made this EP of six new songs back in November, recorded in just two days in a basement, not especially for, but motivated by “4-Track Challenge” on the blog Hearts Bleed Radio.

Available to stream and download only right here.

Much more to come very very soon.

<3 Adam

Summer plans: 2014

Sap, my last album (see previous post), is already collecting virtual dust. Sara, our wonderful bassist and illustrator, is at art school in Baltimore. Sad face. Mr. Andrew (drums) and I have been mostly on hiatus since last September.

Now, I’m writing new material (there will be demons…) and have plans for my biggest US tour to date, including Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Great Plains, and Upper Midwest. The rough plan is to drive from the Bay Area to Ohio and back this summer, taking northerly routes. We might even record before then.

Stay tuned for details in the next couple months. Meantime, see my Facebook page for posts, everyday, as I chronicle every single one of the songs I’ve written, starting from Nothing In Particular (2001). I’ll comment briefly (and opaquely) on each song ūüėČ

More next month,

<3 Adam

New album: “Sap”

The new album is done. My trio [Mr. Andrew (drums) and Sara Lautman (bass)] has recorded an all-new, 14-song home-studio album called Sap. The bassist, Sara, did the artwork. We recorded it ourselves onto cassette tape using a late-model (c2000) four track machine in a tiny, renovated shed in Oakland, California.


It is now online *only* right here:

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New bassist + new album

The band has a new member: Sara Lautman. (Yay!) Sara will play electric bass and sing harmony on the upcoming album, which we are currently rehearsing. Sadly (for us), Sara is moving to Baltimore in about a month. So, we have to get our shit together and get down the other half of these 14 songs for the new album. In the meantime, look out for a smattering of shows in the Bay Area before we release the album (by mid-August) and before Sara leaves.

Check out some of Sara’s drawings, comics, and flyers on her tumbler: macrogroan.

Also, for a preview of the new band, listen to a handful of live recordings of some of our new songs from our featured performance at the Hotel Utah open mic on July 8th.

What now?: Spring 2013

Since my most recent album, The Jester, released last November, I’ve been writing a lot. I already have enough material for another album – or a couple short ones. I am, finally, actually tending to this website. So, the most up-to-date info on shows, as well as all my albums, will be here. I plan to upload a bunch of live recordings soon.

As you may know, we played our last show with our keyboardist, Laura Mahan, on March 10th at The Question Mark,¬†here in Oakland. Sad face… But she can still be found in her other project, her wonderful duo Tropical Dancer, who are putting out a new album soon. We love Laura and will miss playing with her!

Now down to two members, I coming up with a new arrangement for the band: a couple new players to join me and Mr. Andrew (drums). I would like to recruit an electric bassist and a trumpet player for the next album. Working on it.

Besides writing and arranging, I’ll be in semi-reclusion. But I’m looking to play more Bay Area shows – houses, empty cafes, dive bars, and cabbage patches (for example). As always, get in touch if you wanna play a show or for whatever.


“The Jester” release show: 2/23/13

I’m playing a rare, full-band show! My trio will perform the new album, “The Jester,” in its entirety. Plus, I’ll play a few new and old songs, solo, sprinkled in.

Here is the FB link to the invite. RSVP!

Pre-order tickets for a discount.

Where: The Hotel Utah, San Fransico, California

When: 8pm-1am on Febrary 23, 2013

Cost: [Includes a free download of “The Jester”]
$8 in advance: 
$10 at the door

Door: 8pm, 21+
Music: 9pm-1am

More details: Adam Balbo’s trio [with Mr. Andrew (drums), Laura Mahan (keyboard)] released an album online called “The Jester” last November.¬†They will play the whole album live for the first (and maybe last) time!

The Hotel Utah is a special place for me. It has been my second living room. It would be wonderful to see as many of you as possible. Please, come out and invite whoever! I hand-crafting this bill! This is a goddamn artisan bill.

Adam Balbo [11pm]
[poppy, punk-ish folk rock]

Tropical Dancer [10pm]
[fun, witty, charming pop]

Yea-ming & Anna [midnight]
[formerly Dreamdate: jazz standards on piano and trumpet in their own rad way]

Nikes Hikes [9pm]
[heart-melting, melodic folk]

New album + Midwest tour

————New album: The Jester————
My current trio (Mr. Andrew and Laura Mahan) has recorded an all-new, nine-song studio album called The Jester. (Helen Lee did the artwork!)
We are very, very excited about it.
This has been the biggest studio project I’ve worked on,
largely thanks to George Rosenthal at the Complex Recording Studio.
It is now online *only* right here:

The Jester

Stream it. Download it at any price Рeven $0. (Suggested price is $5).

Downloading it for nothing and playing it for a friend is better than feeling bad about being broke and not getting it. It all evens out! Support in your own way!

Big release shows in both SF and the East Bay in January probably.

————Why the Fuck Not? Midwest Tour—————–
Click the FB link to get dates and cities for my ~two week
Midwest tour: November 8-21
As always, “attend” the event to spread the word to friends in the region.

Watch the FB event for latest updates and final details.